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About The Book

Join Princess Lily as she starts her journey through the enchanted forest and collects bravery beads on the way. Can you spot Kiki the Koala hiding in the forest?

This first book in The Princess Lily Series gently guides through the process of diagnoses and early treatment in a way that will offer comfort, security and bravery.

When Princess Lily wakes up one day feeling dizzy and sick, none of the healers in her castle can find out what is wrong with her. When a fairy comes and tells her about an enchanted forest full of healers that can help, Lily sets off on a journey through the forest. Each time Lily is brave in the enchanted forest a new bravery bead appears on her necklace!

Coming December 2021

What people are saying

I’m so glad that Sarah decided to tackle this difficult topic. There is definitely a need for this kind of book, and I wish my son had had a book like this to read when he was going through his treatment. I love that the story is a magical metaphor for the things kids go through at the hospital - making it easier for them to relate to all of the medical processes.

Explaining a health diagnosis to young children in a way they can understand without adding to their fear is incredibly difficult, and often best done through books, but there are very few children's' books about illness. Princess Lily does this beautifully, and gives sick children a hero and a journey they can relate to. This book changes the imagery of scary medical procedures into a magical adventure through bravery. A must for all children collecting their beads

A wonderful story of courage and bravery that beautifully navigates the path of healing for sick children and their families.

Enchanting and heartwarming.
Sarah Bankuti paints a magical fairy tale about princess Lilly as she bravely faces the complex world of childhood cancer. The story is beautifully written and accessible for kids of all ages. As a fellow cancer mom, my heart swelled as Lilly earned her bravery beads. My family and I can't wait to follow Lilly on the next leg of her journey. Thank you Sarah for writing this important and much needed book for all our brave warriors walking this path with Lily

My daughter loves Princess Lily! She takes the book to the hospital with her every week and loves that the princess has chemo too. We cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out!

Princess Lily is a healthy and adventurous little princess, until that very day she wakes up and feels truly sick. Her parents reach out for help, and while the wizard’s approach is not helping the princess, a fairy leads their way to the healers. Once there, Lily receives the treatment she needs to hopefully feel better again. This book helps small children fighting cancer to understand what they are going through and explains to them in a very gentle and child-friendly way what chemotherapy means and how it works. It lifts the dark clouds of uncertainty and does not leave out how scary the progress is, yet comforting and guiding children to understand the necessity of the therapy. A must-read not only if you have severely sick loved ones in your life, but also to be more aware of what cancer patients are going through. Highly recommended!

Original and beautiful! Finally, a children's book that's as informative as it is enjoyable, great for all ages, especially anyone going through any kind of sickness, or who knows and loves anyone who is. Princess Lily shows so much strength and would be easy for any child to relate to and fall in love with. Highly recommend.